Yusuf Kisa praised for his financial services across the Middle East

President of GIFA Holding Yusuf Kisa, a leading international broker company, is credited
for developing businesses across the Middle East through his financial loans.
The company is on its way to topping last year’s total amount – a staggering
18 million euros.

Arranging loans from 5 million up to 4 billion euros for companies seeking financial help,
Yusuf Kisa’s brokerage firm, GIFA Holding, has become a roaring success, joining the US
Stock Exchange last November.

Describing the success of 2017 as a mere “stepping-stone” to what’s to come in the future,
the company has caught the attention of businessmen all across the Middle East.

Previously described as a “Financial Guru”, Yusuf Kisa’s services to countries such as Iran,
Dubai and Qatar have not gone unnoticed, with more Middle Eastern businessmen added to
his hefty database of clients each day.

Yusuf Kisa

GIFA’s Press Consultant comments, “Following such a successful year, you would think Mr.
Yusuf Kisa would take some time off or slow down, but instead he is continuously working hard
to make GIFA a sensation on the finance market.”

“Our number of clients have gone through the roof,” she continues, “but it’s fantastic
because we know GIFA is ready to become bigger than ever.”

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