50 BILLION EUROS: Yusuf Kisa reveals NEW target for 2018, after almost hitting old target in just 3 months


International broker company, GIFA Holding, set itself a target of arranging a total of 30 billion euros in loans by the end of the year. GIFA’s President announces, “the target will have to be raised as GIFA has already finalised agreements worth 16 billion euros from January to March


In 2017, GIFA arranged a staggering total of 18 billion euros in loans to international corporations, particularly companies in the Middle East.

Shocking the financial market back in January, President of the GIFA Holding chain of companies, Yusuf Kisa, announced an ambitious estimation of 30 billion euros by the end of 2018.

It is now revealed that three months on, the company has already finalised 16 billion euros worth of contracts and has amended their original estimation for the rest of the year.

The leading multinational brokerage has proven that after a year of success in 2017 –  entering the US Stock Exchange and constructing its new 12-million-dollar office in Cyprus – GIFA is in no way ready to slow down.

Kisa plans to expand the GIFA name with mentions of moving into the petroleum industry and constructing a 5-star hotel and casino.



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One such man who does not do this is Turkish Cypriot businessman and financial guru Yusuf Kisa born in Cyprus in 1977 where he lived until he was six.

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